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Leather/ Suede Care

Leather is a natural material and should NEVER be stored in plastic because it encourages the growth of mildew and bacteria and will ruin the leather. Always store leather in a cool, dry place away from heat in aclothing breathable bag. It is not recommended to take your leathers to a dry cleaners as it will rob the skins of natural oils reducing suppleness.
Basic leather cleaning is simply wipe down with a damp cloth or sponge then allow to dry. If it is an oil stain or something you are unsure of and just wiping down doesn't remove then seek professional help.
Suede can be brushed with a soft rubber or bristle brush, or a wire suede brush. Do not rub too hard and do it in a gentle circular motion.
Most marks on suede can be brushed off with a stiff brush or a damp cloth or sponge. I normally use a clean toothbrush to dust away any dirty spots. Suede is very prone to getting water marks. Once the suede is dry you can remove water marks from suede by brushing with a suede brush or stiff upholstery brush. You can also use a damp cloth or sponge. If ordinary brushing does not do the trick then try rubbing the area lightly with an emery board, then stem over a boiling kettle. (be careful of steam)
Always hang your leather garments when you are not wearing them. If traveling, lay outfit flat in cloth dress bag being sure all fringe is straight and then gently roll garment from top to bottom of bag to store in suit case. Be sure and use the underarm pads or dress shields as perspiration can cause weakness and damage to leather.